AMX Visual Architect roadshow

AMX_VARoadshow2.jpgWithin just a month of its availability, the demand for Visual Architectâ„¢, the system design tool has received enormous praise. AMX invites you to discover, experience and try it out for yourself at one of our upcoming North American Roadshows.

AMX invites you to discover, experience and try out VisualArchitect yourself at one of our North American VA Roadshows. Wes Hair, AMX vice president of market development will be demonstrating the product in the following cities during the months of May and June:

* Seattle, WA: Monday, 5/1

* Portland, OR: Tuesday, 5/2

* Orange County, CA: Wednesday, 5/3 – Friday, 5/5

* Tampa, FL: Monday, 5/8

* Orlando, FL: Tuesday, 5/9

* Ft. Lauderdale, FL: Wednesday, 5/10

* Philadelphia, PA: Thursday, 5/11 – Friday, 5/12

* Boston, MA: Monday, 5/15 – Tuesday, 5/16

* Northern NJ: Wednesday, 5/17 – Thursday, 5/18

* Chicago, IL: Monday, 5/22 – Tuesday, 5/23

* St. Louis, MO: Wednesday, 5/24 – Thursday, 5/25

For information about attending any of these shows and to place your order for VA, please contact AMX Domestic Sales at 800.222.0193.

Source: AMX Newsletter

High Tech Home Magazine

Just stumbeled on a new European website that

“explains the features of a Smart-Home in plain English”


This is a great website because there aren’t enough online resources for the domotics or home-automation industry and especially aimed at consumers. (most resources are trade type ones like hiddenwires etc).

….except of course for this weblog 😉

Feel free to check it out, it even has RSS and a forum.

Go to HighTechHome

Roku SoundBridge M1000


In the [tag]wireless network music player[/tag] market, [tag]Roku[/tag]’s [tag]SoundBridge[/tag] [tag]M1000[/tag] ($199.99) stands out. Released by Roku in 2003, the M1000 is the last remaining network music player in what used to be a three-model line.

Roku Soundbridge M1000
The M1000 is a lightweight aluminum cylindrical unit with a modern industrial look to its design. It has a Vacuum Florescent Display that is easy to read, and it comes with a small base mount and remote control. Its settings are saved when unplugged, so users can move it from bedroom to kitchen to living room to backyard as needed.

The remote control is ergonomically designed, comfortable to hold, and not overlarge, but many of its buttons are not intuitive. Users will likely need to spend some time experimenting or reading the manual to fully put it to use. Since it’s the only way to interact with the device, this is definitely worth doing.

The M1000 streams music from your PC (or Mac)—or radio direct from the Internet—over 802.11b/g networks; it also has an Ethernet (10/100 RJ-45) port for wired networks. The M1000 is only a music player, it doesn’t have any storage capacity of its own.

To access stored music, it requires access to a music server, which most users will already have installed on their systems. SoundBridge is compatible with Windows Media Connect, iTunes, Rhapsody, Musicmatch Jukebox, and SlimServer, for example.

SoundBridge plugs directly into powered speakers by 1/8” cable, or to a stereo system’s Aux (or other Line Input port) using RCA (red/white) audio cables, which are included. (SoundBridge also has coaxial or optical SPDIF digital connectors, but cables are not included.)

Once the unit and the speakers are powered on, SoundBridge will automatically search for a Wi-Fi network. If it finds only one and if that network has no security keys set, it will automatically connect to the PC with the server software installed. If it detects more than one network, users are prompted to enter the correct SSID.
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Intelix Balun

balun_7821da.jpgIdeal for such devices as DVD players, satellite receivers, plasma displays, projectors, amplifiers, switchers, and other equipment supporting HDTV component video and/or digital audio. The [tag]Component Video/Digital Audio[/tag] [tag]Balun[/tag] allows one component video (YPbPr or RGB) signal and one digital audio signal to be transmitted via cost-effective unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable in a point-to-point configuration. Used in pairs, the Component Video, Digital Audio Balun supports 480i/p, 720p and 1080i/p resolution for hi-definition (HDTV) video applications.

  • Component video and/or digital audio signals sent over inexpensive twisted pair wiring
  • Supports 480i/p, 720p, and 1080i/p and digital audio; HDTV ready
  • No external power supply required

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Russound CAA66

caa_main.jpgMusic anywhere you want it, at the touch of a button. That’s what you get with a [tag]Russound[/tag] [tag]CAA66[/tag] [tag]Controller[/tag] [tag]Amplifier[/tag] solution. Classical in the bedroom, rock in the den and salsa in the kitchen. A [tag]multiroom system[/tg] for everyone that delivers music to match your mood.

Adjust the bass, treble, balance, loudness and volume from keypad options for one-touch control of home audio. The system supports up to three keypads per zone, available in five colors, that fit in any Decora plate.
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New installers weblog on the block

There is a new [tag]installers[/tag] [tag]weblog[/tag] on the blog. The guys (and girls?) at [tag]Couture Digital[/tag] started a weblog just a few days ago. This is a great idea. In my opinion you can attract new customers by showing how you work in your projects. Also it gives the client the possiblity to show the progress at their projects to friends and family.

David Hills was kind enough to inform me with an email:

“I thought I’d let you know that I’ve finally got around to sorting out our blog.

We’re about to start work on a large-ish renovation project so I’m going to keep it updated with text and photo’s from now on.”

Also he wrote:

“Keep up the good work mate, I check your blog every day now!”

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Speakercraft IRC-3.0 IR Repeater

speakercraft_irc30.jpgControl your audio and video components from anywhere in the house. Ideal for [tag]whole-house[/tag] [tag]audio[/tag] and [tag]video[/tag] systems, the [tag]Speakercraft[/tag] [tag]IRC-3.0[/tag] SmartPath Kit is an infrared repeating system that allows you to place IR receivers in any room.

Point your existing remote at the receiver, and the IRC-3.0 SmartPath Kit will deliver your commands to your A/V components, regardless of their location in your home. The kit includes a shelf-top IR receiver, an amplified terminator, a power supply, and four IR emitters for controlling four components from one remote location. Numerous expansion accessories are available to customize your system.
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Russound UNO-TS2D Desktop Touchscreen

russound_unots2d.jpgProviding added convenience, the new [tag]UNO-TS2D[/tag] is the desktop model of [tag]Russound[/tag]’s award-winning UNO-TS2 Smart Color [tag]Touchscreen[/tag]. Just like the in-wall UNO-TS2, the desktop version provides access to music and video, and displays metadata on-screen. Easily placed on any flat, stable surface, the UNO-TS2D can be located in any room in the house — within arm’s reach.

To match consumer electronics commonly found in the home, the UNO-TS2D is available in black and white.
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Russound’s Life-Like Online Demos Help Pros Market Multiroom Audio-Video Systems

caa_demo.jpg[tag]Online Product Demos[/tag] Provide a Valuable Resource for Selling and Learning about [tag]Multiroom[/tag] [tag]Audio-Video[/tag] Products

[tag]Russound[/tag]’s growing lineup of online interactive product demos to help industry professionals sell and educate consumers on Russound products. The four demos mimic live products and are available now on the Russound Web site. Two additional interactive demos will debut during the next two months.
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